The Future is Make Believe
Flying Carpet
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Flying Carpet

Being a kid is a superpower

But it’s running out fast! Right now you are full of magic – stories, ideas and ways of seeing things that grown-ups have lost. You’ve got the greatest stories never told, and we want to hear them. We think there’s enough telling you what to do. So at Fabled, we want you to be in charge. It’s your voice, we just turn up the volume.


A Child-led Platform for Creating & Sharing Stories.

Create and share stories

Create and share stories

Fabled is like the best notebook ever - it chats back, gives inspiration, and even publishes! Just sign up and start typing, recording, or uploading.

Work together with friends

Work together with friends

Why not start a story chain and collaborate with a friend? You write a line, they write a line and soon you’re story-storming!

Totally (in)visible

Totally (in)visible

Your Grown Ups can set up their own Fabled accounts to enjoy your great stories, and create secure one-off links to share your tales. web application viewed on an iPhone.


A blank page with no marking, no rules, just for you. Support and encouragement, and that’s all.


A nifty button to press if you feel like some extra story sparking ideas.


Publish your stories, then get your Grown Up to help share them for family and friends to enjoy!

Let’s make a story

We think the world would be better with a bit more wonder in it. With more of your stories. Did you know that winners of some of the world’s highest awards (Nobel prizes) also spent more time as kids in imaginary worlds? We think you’re a creative superhero in training, let Fabled be your imagination dojo!

We’re on a mission to help you be part of the most imaginative generation the world has ever known. Join us. The future is Make Believe. Make Believe it!


The Future Is Make Believe

Fabled is publishing a book of YOUR stories! Stories by kids, for everyone. Back us on Kickstarter to help us produce this beautifully-illustrated book of stories to transport, delight and inspire storytellers everywhere.

The Kickstarter campaign has now closed, but the movement is just beginning. And get in touch here if you’d still like to buy the book!

And you can submit your stories for this one-of-a-kind anthology now. We won’t be able to fit all of the stories we receive into the book, but we’ll feature any stories that aren’t in the book on one of our Fabled channels!.

Bring back the fairies and the flying carpets, join us - The Future Is Make Believe!

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Celebrating Imagination

Tune into the Fabled podcast to hear stories, interviews with Fabled kids, and to help us celebrate kids’ storytelling and creativity.

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